1. Rivalry (MLS Talk Podcast)


    It turns out that a weekend of rivalries led to a weekend of draws in Major League Soccer this week. In our weekend review podcast, Robert Hay co-hosts the podcast alongside me as we go through the match-ups. They weren’t … Continue reading

  2. A New Attitude Is Evident At Toronto F.C.

    It’s been a disastrous six years for Toronto FC. Since their inception in 2007, they’ve been the epitome of ineptitude in Major League Soccer. This year, however, Kevin Payne was appointed President. The club began to operate more professionally and … Continue reading

  3. MLS Talk Stoppage Time #2


    We’ve decided to give this midweek stuff another go. Recorded Tuesday night, Daniel Feuerstein, Lisa Erickson, and I hopped on Skype to talk about a few different items. The top item of news was San Jose’s come-from-behind victory over New … Continue reading

  4. O Canada (MLS Talk Podcast)


    The second week of the 2013 Major League Soccer season has concluded, and it featured some fine results from the northernmost teams in the league. 9 points for Canada made for a maple-flavored episode of the MLS Talk Podcast. Robert … Continue reading