MLS Talk Stoppage Time #2

We’ve decided to give this midweek stuff another go. Recorded Tuesday night, Daniel Feuerstein, Lisa Erickson, and I hopped on Skype to talk about a few different items. The top item of news was San Jose’s come-from-behind victory over New York on Sunday night. We also preview the matches for this coming weekend, and spend a little time in “The Rant Zone,” where each of us gets to spout off something that’s bothering us at the moment.

There are some other fun nuggets in the podcast as well, so we hope you listen and enjoy MLS Talk Stoppage Time. Please give us feedback at our iTunes page, below in the comments section, or on Twitter. Find each of us via the following links: MLSTalkEarl Reed, Daniel Feuerstein, or Lisa Erickson.

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3 Responses to MLS Talk Stoppage Time #2

  1. The original Tom says:

    Have not finished the pod yet guys, but I agree the Rapids are going to be rubbish. Hopefully they can beat RSL this weekend somehow anyway.

    • Charles says:

      I would gladly take a bad year in exchange for the MLS Title you watched.

    • The original Tom says:

      Charles, it was great. I wish it had been when the moved the cup to the home of a team- I would have gone if it had been in Dallas. A lot of pieces fell in line, but that team was one of our best- I felt even in August that we were underated. Having said that, would I rather have one good run of games or greatness over an an entire season, like San Jose last year, or LA the year before? I’m not sure, because we’ve never had a great season, but it would be fun to watch winning all year.

      The MLS cup beats the US Open Cup (although, again, we’ve never won that one either) because it ends the season, only involves good teams over a short span, and is not played midweek.

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