Jason Kreis And David Beckham Get Into A Scuffle

Real Salt Lake coach Jason Kreis and LA Galaxy midfielder David Beckham got into scuffle after their game Saturday night. Maybe Kreis was upset that his team lost to the Galaxy and said something derogatory to Beckham?

Whatever he said, it set Beckham off. Watch the above video to see what happened.

H/T The Offside Rules

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3 Responses to Jason Kreis And David Beckham Get Into A Scuffle

  1. Robert says:

    Kreis: “Hey Becks, you just wasted a whole season collecting points
    because the regular season is pointless in MLS” Becks: “Garble
    Garble Garble” Kreis: “See you in the contrived Championship Title
    Game Becks” Becks: Garble Garble Garble”

  2. stan says:

    kries is a mug

  3. Roger says:

    I think Kreis told Beckham how annoyingly, high-pitched is voice is
    and that he should’ve reached puberty by now. Which only set him
    off in an even more aggresivily, ticked off, squeakier voice.
    Seriously, after listening to this guy open his mouth, I doubt
    anybody would keep a straight face when he expresses his deep

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