Roy Miller’s Explanation A Lesson In Selfishness

So after discussing and writing an article about the mishaps and the brain farts of Costa Rican International Left Back Roy Miller, you figured that would be the end of his buffoonery and we can move on to the home opener as the Red Bulls host DC United.

sportsnewscr Roy Millers Explanation A Lesson In Selfishness

Roy Miller, from

But sadly we have to discuss the stupidity of Roy Miller as he spoke with the media to come clean on his encroachment of Chris Wondolowski’s penalty. And if you thought it was going to be a sheer admit of guilt on his part, you haven’t heard anything like this.

This so-called soccer player went to the New York Media and stood there in front of their digital recorders and didn’t say he was sorry for his hat trick of errors. He failed to admit that he should have stayed behind the eighteen. No, he said he meant to encroach.

“I did it on purpose with the thought that Wondolowski would miss.” Said Miller “Simply, I wasn’t in agreement with the situation that was going on and the penalty kick being given, because for me, the handball didn’t have to be called but some refs call it.”

“I did it so that if (Wondolowski) made it, he would have to do it again and then he missed. I had the unfortunate luck that Luis saved the initial attempt.”

IS HE OUT OF HIS MIND?! Does this guy really know the laws of the game, or is he really out of touch?

So let me get this straight, he thinks his hand ball that led to the penalty wasn’t justified, so in protest he intentionally encroached in his own area so when Wondolowski converts, it would be re-taken? The law states if the defending side encroaches during a penalty and it’s converted, the goal will stand.

So basically someone taught him the wrong law, or he was too stupid to understand. He was so angry at the hand ball call against him that he wanted to teach the ref a lesson? Sadly this man was selfish and cost his own side a point on the road.

Roy Miller is known as a Costa Rican International Defender, meaning he gets regular calls from the National Team to perform in friendly games, National Team tournaments and World Cup Qualifying. That means he is in the lineup against the USA on March 22nd and at home against Jamaica on March 26th.

But how much did he embarrass his country, his team mates and himself when he made a stupid comment like that? If I was Mike Petke, I would scratch Roy Miller from the starting XI and the substitutes list for the home opener to teach him a lesson.

Roy Miller has made some dumb moves in his current time with the New York Red Bulls and he has made dumb moves on the field in the past. I have to say, he has proven to be dumb & dumber within a four to five day period.

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