Best Goal: Henry, Nguyen or Villareal?

Last night’s games certainly did not lack offense.  Excluding the Seattle friendly, eighteen goals were scored in the seven MLS games and only two teams (not coincidentally, both playing midday) failed to score a goal on Wednesday.  And anytime you have close, exciting games with a number of goals, there are inevitably some goal of the year candidates.  By my count, there were three scored by a diverse group of players.  One was the game winner scored by a soccer legend.  The second was a huge gamble that equalized for a journeyman.  The third helped his team stay hot and rack up points and they push up the standings.  So, which one was the best?  Here are the candidates:

1. Thierry Henry breaks a scoreless draw on a hot day in New York as only Henry can do -

2. Lee Nguyen says “why not” and puts a long range shot on goal.  And the result is quite impressive -

3. In late action, Jose Villareal helps the Galaxy earn a draw on the road against the Whitecaps using his left foot

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