MLS Talk Stoppage Time #1 (MLS Talk Podcast)

We’re trying something different on the MLS Talk Podcast - a secondary midweek “series” called “MLS Talk Stoppage Time.” We are hoping that this will be a series that allows us to discuss timely subjects in Major League Soccer, with a little different spin.

Your host Earl Reed is joined by MLS Talk writer Robert Hay, as well as Lisa Erickson from SBNation-affiliate Quake, Rattle, & Goal. They talk San Jose-Real Salt Lake, news of a devastating injury for a Cascadia region defender, dig further into the Chivas USA ugliness, and preview the weekend fixtures.

There are some other fun nuggets in the podcast as well, so we hope you listen and enjoy MLS Talk Stoppage Time. Please give us feedback at our iTunes depot, below in the comments section, or through the modern 140-character telegraph known as Twitter. Find each of us via the following links: MLSTalk, Earl Reed, Robert Hay, or Lisa Erickson.

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5 Responses to MLS Talk Stoppage Time #1 (MLS Talk Podcast)

  1. Robb says:

    Great idea and great show. It is a welcome addition to the soccer podcasts I listen to.

  2. The original Tom says:

    Enjoyed the pod guys, thanks for doing it. Ineteresting to hear the reason Houston stayed in the east, but still don’t like it. Why did they go in the first place?

    • Earl Reed says:

      In 2011, Portland and Vancouver were added to the league, making 18 teams. Prior to their addition, there were two 8 team conferences, with Houston in the West. The simple addition of two teams to the West would have made the conferences 10 and 8. Therefore, one team had to move East - that team was Houston.

      They theoretically could have returned in 2012, when Montreal was added to make 19 teams. I’m guessing that MLS wanted to reduce the confusion of having a team waffle back and forth between conferences in consecutive years. MLS will eventually return Houston to the West if one assumes the 20th team will be an East Coast team. The question becomes whether there is a good reason to move them in 2014 irregardless of expansion plans. If you asked me, I’d answer a resounding, “Move them!”

  3. Jonathan says:

    On the topic of East vs West. I had this thought, what if in the West you have all Texas teams plus add Tucson FC and Las Vagas. In the East, add NY Cosmos “Ony b/c what the Don wants he gets” and my beloved Orlando City. That’s 11 Teams East and West, now what if you play only the teams in your division a home and away series, the winner of the series determines then game 3 for a total of 30 games. Everygame from the star of te season has meaning, and impacts the push for playoffs. what do you think ??

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