MLS ’13: Our Predictions

Tomorrow hatches the 2013 campaign for the 19 teams in Major League Soccer. When we began our series of previews a couple of weeks ago, I had asked a number of contributors to the site and podcast to give me their predictions for the season.

Predictions1 600x290 MLS 13: Our Predictions

Our Predictions

Please feel free to share your predictions for the upcoming season below. Get ready, here comes MLS 2013!




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4 Responses to MLS ’13: Our Predictions

  1. gbewing says:

    Mikey Lopez- ballsy Mr. Reed. I’m not seeing everyone’s universal love for Houston- are they better than last year? I can see a case for DC and Chicago, maybe NY much easier
    Robert if Bieler is newcomer of the year and Fellhaber is comeback player of the year SKC ain’t finishing 3rd- I agree with the panel that SKC has to prove themselves this year and are not an easy pick especially playing CONCAF as well but if those awards go that way the result is things went very well for SKC

  2. Charles says:

    Daniel you have guts…no brains but guts. Vancouver top in the West with LA finishing 5th ?
    Will eat crow, like when I thought Henry was going to keep struggling in MLS ?

    No, you will not be correct with that finish.

  3. DJ says:

    Wow. Did someone prank/hack you guys? These picks are so obviously unconnected to MLS matches or stats for the past 18+ months… I’m mystified as to what soccer league you are watching. 3/4 for Houston to win the cup?? And LD for MVP? Guys, I’m rarely this harsh, but holy mother of God, this reeks of weekend warrior napping on the couch while soccer is on. Time to unsubscribe.

  4. The original Tom says:

    This is not a response to the opening weekend scores, but I’d put my money on LA to win the cup. I think Donovan’s mental break will do him some good, and he might not get picked for the US team so he will be motivated. Plus, Keane is still one of MLS’s best players. I think they will have a better regular season as well.

    This is not to bring up my rant about one bracket play-offs, but the final I’d like to see is San Jose - LA. I predict the winner of that series, whatever round it is in, wins the Cup. I don’t follow the ins and outs of players in the offseason, but it seems that San Jose hasn’t lost anyone. I think both Seattle and RSL will be weaker, and that helps the rest of the west. Of course, Vancouver will be better.

    As far as Supporters Shield, LA will do better than last season, but I don’t think they’ll win it, but I have no idea who will. San Jose again? Maybe, but it seems teams will get ready for them. Perhaps Vancouver.

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