Sounders Score Four to Get into Fourth US Open Cup Final

It just never gets old when this Pacific Northwest side continues to make their march on another US Open Cup run. They may have had to play an extra round to get to that final destination, but no matter who was in their sights they found a way to get to Kansas City.

Once again it was the Seattle Sounders who took the challenge that was given to them and they found a way to knock it down. At their home away from home in the Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila, Washington their opponent was Chivas-USA who had a good run themselves.

It was a 31st minute goal that got the ball rolling when Eddie Johnson who stayed onsides received a great ball from Osvaldo Alonso and made a great run. Once Dan Kennedy made his decision to leave his line, Johnson smashed it inside the near post for the lead.

Once the start of the second half began it was the start of the end. James Riley defended Fredy Montero inside the Chivas-USA area and when he shoved a little too hard, Montero fell down to get the Sounders a penalty. Alonso converted the spot kick in the 48th minute for the two goal lead.

More from Seattle on the night as Brad Evans got his tally in the 83rd minute when he got a great ball from Montero. Kennedy off his line tried to play the angle, but once again the Sounders were on target. Sammy Ochoa who came off the bench converted the fourth goal in the 88th to finish the scoring.

Give credit to Chivas-USA who played a strong match, but couldn’t find a way to get level with the Sounders. Cesar Romero got to pull one back in the 74th as he attacked the net, his original shot was stopped by Bryan Meredith but Romero was able to put in the rebound.

Also give credit to Dan Kennedy who kept his side in the game. No matter how many chances the Sounders had, he kept the ball out of the net and played his angles well. Even on those chances that did get past him, Kennedy was able to be at the right place at the right time.

But after it’s all said and done we have ourselves a dream final in the 99th edition of the US Open Cup. From afar I believe that Sporting Kansas City and the Seattle Sounders are the right participants to contest the right to become the National Champion of US Soccer.

But while this Midwest side is hosting its second final and won it the first time in 2004 as hosts back in Arrowhead stadium on the Missouri side, history is being threatened once again from the Pacific Northwest. While the Chicago Fire is a four time US Open Cup champion, they never did it in four straight seasons.

That will be the big question on Wednesday, August 8th to the side in the State of Washington; can they make history winning four consecutive US Open Cup titles in the modern era of the tournament? We will find out on that day.

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10 Responses to Sounders Score Four to Get into Fourth US Open Cup Final

  1. Charles says:

    Sounders have only sold 49,000 tickets for the Chelsea game. There
    are season ticket holders that have opted out ( my 2 tickets did ),
    but that is not many tickets over the 40k “capacity” for the
    regular season games. Plllleeeease, let this be the beginning of
    the end of the mid-season friendly. Pleeeease. IF Chelsea wants to
    play Seattle, they should do so during OUR preaseason, we draw more
    fans. Go Se4ttle.

    • Jayoh says:

      Charles, I disagree. I like the midseason friendly, I just have no
      interest in seeing Chelsea again. That’s why I didn’t pick up the
      match. Give me a Roma, Villa, Real Madrid, Spurs, Man City, Inter
      etc…just not another go at Chelsea - YAWN. Bring someone else in
      and I’m interested.

      • Charles says:

        I am glad you are enjoying them, you do admit when a team is
        playing games that matter, it does affect how they play in those
        games? And the Sounder’s have been good enough to play Finals in
        the LH USOpen Cup and many CCL games. You could still enjoy the
        games in February, Chelsea can play the mid season exihibition

    • Lysander says:

      I would much rather see a US open cup game that matters than a mid
      season freindly against Chelsea (or any other team).

  2. The original Tom says:

    Charles, Seattle have higher attendance, but let’s not kid
    ourselves about who is the bigger club.

    • Charles says:

      Chelsea with enourmous salarys to fill needs the money way more
      than than the Sounders do. Seattle does just fine, and has plenty
      of power. Why do you think that Man U is sitting on the sidelines
      this year, playing preseason outside MLS ?……..because Seattle
      sat them on the bench. Ross: “Step into my office Sir Alex

  3. The original Tom says:

    Charles, you’re seriously delusional. I think ManU know that they
    can’t dip into the same well too often, every summer they go to the
    same place that excitement and uniqueness of the event wears off a
    little; and there is no need to when you have a world of places to
    choose from. As for Chelsea, they are owned by a billionaire. You
    can be proud of your club, Charles; you can hope it grows (although
    one of its limits is its league, we can mock whoever is the
    smallest club in the EPL this year; but they will have more stature
    in their town; and more game day and television revenues than
    FCDallas or the Chicago Fire; and those two can’t get relegated).
    ___________ I like the Rapids, I go to Rapids games, but I don’t
    kid myself that it is Arsenal. ______________ Oh, by the way, that
    doesn’t mean that Seattle doesn’t hold some cards, it is an
    attractive and lucrative pre-season destination.

    • Charles says:

      First of all, Seattle is owned by a much richer billionare (
      probably both billionare owners of the Sounders are richer ).
      Second of all, Chelsea draws about 40k max. The Sounder will be a
      dissappointing 50-60k for their exhibition game against Chelsea.
      Third, of all, after last years game against the Sounders, where
      Man U was supposed to play subs in the second half, Ross said they
      would never play here again. They are not here. They will never be
      here (Seattle ) again and that takes away a lot of appeal of coming
      to the US.

    • Charles says:

      I just look this up…..The average player salary on Chelsea is
      $6.7 million, I think the Sounders whole team is around $3 million.
      UEFA “Fair Play” says you can’t spend it if you don’t make
      it……. I am dillusional for saying that Chelsea needs the money
      more ? Don’t think so.

  4. The original Tom says:

    I stand corrected, Paul Allen, a partner owner is around 14 billion
    while Chelsea’s sole owner is at 12 billion. Still, chelsea’s game
    day revenues are far higher than Seattles. And Chelsea have a
    smaller, non-publicly financed stadium.

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