Red Bulls and Chivas USA Swap Agudelo For Pearce

There was a buzz going around Red Bull training as rumors were flying around about a potential trade in the works with Chivas USA. Some thought it was going to be for Rafa Marquez, as some thought a change of scenery would be good for him, but that was not the case.

The New York Red Bulls have wasted no time to make a deal to help out their situation on defense. They acquired Heath Pearce from Chivas USA in exchange for budding youth forward Juan Agudelo.

Ives Galarcep reported on his site as well as for that Chivas USA will pay a portion of Pearce’s salary, and will also receive a significant amount of allocation money, so they will bring in some new players in the upcoming summer transfer window.

The consensus has been that the fantastic production from Kenny Cooper since being traded to the club gave the Red Bulls a great partner for Thierry Henry. Besting his goal totals from last year on the Portland Timbers, Cooper has looked strong, making fantastic runs to convert chances.

Now with Agudelo being sent to the West Coast, what does that mean for the Red Bulls going forward? Henry will make his return on Wednesday, May 23rd against Chivas USA at Red Bull Arena - and some possible tweaking is in the works.

Rumors are that former AC Milan defender/midfielder Alessandro Nesta will sign a two year deal with the Red Bulls once the window officially opens. With this move, will Dane Richards move up top with Cooper for their road trip to Montreal, with and Jan Gunnar Solli playing in a natural midfield position? Does this signal the end of Roy Miller playing as a starting left back for the club, or will Pearce be positioned as a center back with Markus Holgersson (since Wilman Conde might face a suspension from his current run in with the Fort Lee Police)?

It’s a real shame not to see Juan Agudelo grow into the player he can be for the Red Bulls. It also seems that Chivas USA needs forwards. At the moment it looks like Agudelo will reunite with Juan Pablo Angel as the striker partnership, as they were in New York two seasons ago.

Red Bull supporters saw him convert his first goal with the US National Team on a road trip to South Africa at the end of the 2010 season, then his first MLS goal in the 2011 home opener against the Seattle Sounders, then a Thierry Henry like goal at RFK against DC United that’s still being used in Adidas commercials.

Right now this trade helps the Red Bulls solidify their defense. There might also be a glimmer of hope that the Luke Rodgers situation may be rectified. If that is the case, then expect the firepower to become even better as the club competes in the US Open Cup as well as the MLS Cup Playoffs.

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19 Responses to Red Bulls and Chivas USA Swap Agudelo For Pearce

  1. CTBlues says:

    This seems like a real dumb move. YA, lets trade a good YOUNG
    forward for a defender and to free up some money so we can get an
    OLD geezer from Italy. I might just stop rooting for the RedBulls
    and root for my local PDL team and see if the Cosmos come along.

  2. Bartleby says:

    doesn’t make much sense considering in a couple years NY Red Bulls
    could have gotten a pretty good transfer fee for Agudelo. I
    mean,….where else in the world of soccer do you hear about teams
    sending away their best young talent unless its for a good transfer
    fee? Are transfer fees not worth it in MLS? How much does the team
    get and how much does MLS take?

    • Charles says:

      Not trying to rip on you, but have you ever seen Pearce play ? You
      should be evaluating what they DID get for him. Right now, I don’t
      think guys like Daniel F want his teams owners to have more money.
      Seriously that is just stupid. If I were him that would be the LAST
      thing I would want for NY. They are trying to win a championship
      for a change AND run a biz, not just run a biz like most of soccer.

  3. Tijuana Robert says:

    I thought this guy was America’s biggest prospect. Why not loan him
    out to another MLS team…? Oh wait, MLS owns all contracts and
    players play for MLS and not clubs!

    • Charles says:

      I know, sweet, now he can play….and he can play where I can see
      him. Man, I am glad smart guys set up this league. MLS
      rocks……..Sounders-Chivas May 26th !!!!

  4. Charles says:

    If they were not going to play Agudelo ( and they were not ), this
    is a good trade for NY.

  5. Bartleby says:

    this just confirms the kind of insular league that MLS is. There
    are no incentives really to develop talent. Top young MLS players
    will always have their eye on Europe. So the incentive to develop
    players is the return of $$ you get for transfer fees. Ideally
    clubs would then use that $$ to better their current roster and to
    continue to develop talent. Look at Altidore. The transfer fee was
    10 million. That alone would pay the wage budget for 3 years. Or
    they could put it back into youth development and come up with with
    3 more Altidores. But because clubs don’t get the transfer fee $
    and instead it just goes to MLS, there is no incentive to become
    part of this situation. Hence, MLS is an insulated league in
    conflict with the rest of the football world. What’s so maddening
    about this is how much it hurts our national team prospects. When
    your professional clubs don’t have the incentive to develop talent
    and don’t get the transfer fee $$ when they do, it is only logical
    that they will their $ elsewhere.

    • Shawn in Toronto says:

      MLS Press Release - Thursday April 8, 2010 Also interesting in
      today’s news was information regarding how transfer fees are split
      between the clubs and the league. Home Grown Player: * Club
      receives 3/4 of transfer fee revenue and the League receives 1/4
      Generation adidas players & non home grown players acquired in
      the SuperDraft: * 1 Year of service: 1/3 to Club and 2/3 to League
      * 2 Years: 1/2 to Club and 1/2 to League * 3+ Years: 2/3 to Club
      and 1/3 to League All other players: * Club receives 2/3 of the
      transfer fee revenue and the League receives 1/3 This provides
      additional enticement for clubs to sign promising homegrown
      players, as they will be rewarded with a larger percentage of
      transfer fees should they move on to foreign shores.

      • The originalTom says:

        Good to know. I think this is a change. The league is getting less
        and less collective, which is good. That is not to say it wasn’t
        smart to start as a single entity.

  6. Bartleby says:

    i made a mistake when i said 10 mill would cover wage budget for 3
    years. I was just going by what the salary cap is. Yet, we know
    many teams go over it with DP.

  7. Shawn in Toronto says:

    Bartleby: Making a statement that is false then building an
    argument around that statement is lunacy. You said. “But because
    clubs don’t get the transfer fee $ and instead it just goes to MLS,
    there is no incentive to become part of this situation” Seriously?!
    I realize that MLS Talk is full of people who don’t watch MLS but
    even Tijuana Robert and Bamaman don’t buy that.

  8. Bartleby says:

    Shawn, i meant to type that they don’t get all of the transfer fee.
    My argument is still valid considering that MLS also prevents how
    many homegrown players a club can sign.

  9. Alex says:

    My two cents. I read a article that made sense to me. Rbnj are not
    looking at this (how ever stupid it may look) from a long term
    view. they need a championship now (though I hope those stupid
    energy drinks from Jersey never win) so to get a versatile strong
    player for one who barely get any playing time seems like a good
    trade. That is if you measure it in the short term. Rbnj can
    function just fine in attack without agudelo they need depth in the
    back which again they will get with Pearce . From a business
    standpoint for red bull anyway they could be shooting themselves in
    the foot for one they could be loosing a future poster child for
    red bulls stupid brand cuz the whole point of red bull being a
    investor/operator is to advertise red bull not because they
    actually care to compete in mls. more importantly though they could
    be losing a future transfer fee although I agree mls is a super
    insular league and clubs only get some of the fee. IMO so long as
    teams are not truely independent and and are allowed to compete
    freely there won’t be any true inventive to develop talent. Cuz in
    the end clubs get the short end of the stick and mls wins Cuz they
    own all the contracts

    • Tijuana Robert says:

      NJRB should of just loaned out Agudelo while giving him playing
      time but still retaining ownership.

      • Charles says:

        And that would have helped their pathetic D how ? They had three
        guys capable of starting at forward, and terrible D. They were not
        going to trade Henry, Cooper wasn’t worth anything and Agudelo got
        them Pearce.

      • Charles says:

        I would have been playing Agudelo all the time and rather than
        pickup Cooper, would have focused on D this summer, but Backe has
        it all under control. ;-)

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