The Best MLS Goals of the Weekend, May 12-13

Apologies, folks, but Monday Morning Sweeper has to take another week off.  But fear not, because to try and make it up to you, here are the top fives goals of the weekend that was in MLS.

5. David Beckham does what he does best to draw the Galaxy even with Montreal

4. Sebastian Miranda heads it (yes heads it) into the net from outside the box to put Columbus up 2-1 over FC Dallas

3. Fabian Espindola scores the only goal in RSL’s 1-0 win over Seattle

2. Lee Nguyen adds a second to put New England comfortably ahead of Vancouver, 4-1

1. Brad Davis christens Houston’s new stadium in style

14 Responses to The Best MLS Goals of the Weekend, May 12-13

  1. The original Tom says:

    NBC Sports need a weekley MLS highlight show. I’ve only seen one of
    these goals. Usually I only watch Colorado’s game, this weekend I
    watched English league finally. I bet a highlight show would get
    bigger ratings than most games, I would watch or record it every

    • Charles says:

      Ditto Tom, I would record and watch every week……….but Sunday
      AM is for clicking on I can click on the Full
      Highlights without seeing the scores of the games I didn’t watch (
      takes a little skille ). They do a GREAT job of recaping the games.

      • Tijuana Robert says:

        You can watch Premier League highlights on ESPN, Charles.

        • Alan says:

          I am more interested in the Champions League finals coming up,
          where neither finalist could even win their league, but one will be
          crowned the champions of Europe.

          • BamaMan says:

            And yet MLS has no qualms about putting non-champions into the
            CONCACAF Champions League. Toronto is currently 0fer and they were
            one game away from playing for the CONCACAF title.

          • The original Tom says:

            I’m excited for the Champions League final as well, it is the
            sport’s the biggest game in the sport. Sometimes the Superbowl
            contestants, the World Series contestants, or the MLS final
            contestants, haven’t won their divisions either. Nobody cares. But,
            if they did care, like they do for who wins the English League, or
            can for the MLS as long as the Supporters Shield stays relevant,
            then the regular season is more enjoyable. No?

          • Alan says:

            It was a troll comment made for a troll. Of course I don’t care. I
            am always excited to watch the Champions League. Just because
            neither team won their regular season doesn’t make the finals any
            less exciting.

        • Tijuana Robert says:

          @Alan, Galaxy won MLS and MLS Cup but got tossed from the
          competition by a team with 0 points in domestic competition.
          Toronto had a shot to win and go to Club World Cup. You don’t have
          a problem with this?

          • Your league is garbage says:

            Why should he? galaxy didn’t get the job done. It’s their fault and
            only their fault.

  2. The original Tom says:

    The MLS website is good, but a highlight show cued up on my DVR
    would be better. By the way, my previous comment wasn’t that I
    watched the Premier League finally, but that I watched the finalle-
    the season enders. But, the Premier Highlights Show on Fox Soccer
    is an example of what I’d like to see for MLS.

  3. The original Tom says:

    Just took a few seconds to read comments from the “Supporters
    Shield is dead thread”. The reality is this weekend lost out to the
    EPL close-out, it was really exciting. I’d still have gone to a
    Rapids game had they been at home, but they weren’t. However, I
    would have watched a 30 minute MLS highlight show on Sunday or
    Monday night, and that would have kept me cued in to the plot-lines
    of MLS, and kept me excited for the upcoming Rapids schedule. My
    point is, the MLS should push hard for a show even if it is not a
    money maker. I could fit a 30 minute show in this weekend, but
    another 2 hour game that may or may not be good is not always

    • Tijuana Robert says:

      You’re all over the road today tom. You’re one of my favorite
      comment-ors on here. Long weekend?

    • BamaMan says:

      MLS could produce a 30 minute MLS Review show and pay to air it
      themselves on one of the lesser networks and put it online. Or, if
      they wanted to be really cheap, they could not pay to air it on TV
      and make it available as a “Free Preview” each week on MLS Live.
      Bring eyeballs to MLS Live for free, then make them pay if they
      want the out-of-market game coverage. Or put it up on the otherwise
      useless MLS Youtube Kick channel. Either way, not having a
      highlight show when any soccer fan in the country could put one
      together on a laptop is yet another sign that, while they have made
      great progress on the field in terms of attendance and venues, MLS
      is hopeless when it comes to TV.

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